COVID-19 pandemic impact on children and adolescents' mental health: Biological, environmental, and social factors

February 3, 2021

Camila Saggioro de Figueiredo, Poliana Capucho Sandre, Liana Catarina Lima Portugal, Thalita Mázala-de-Oliveira, Luana da Silva Chagas, Ícaro Raony, Elenn Soares Ferreira, Elizabeth Giestal-de-Araujo, Aline Araujo dos Santos, Priscilla Oliveira Silva Bomfim

Progreso en Neuro-Psicofarmacología y Psiquiatría Biológica

The impact of prolonged social isolation in children and adolescents has not yet been adequately addressed, adding new problems and challenges to the population, increasing difficulties and pre-existing problems in people's lives, reaching a broad spectrum in the biopsychosocial framework.It talks about the effects of stress on the HPA axis and the possibility of triggering psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression, about neuroinflammation due to increased protein C, diet, brain plasticity, social behavior and health public awareness and support to raise awareness of a long-term problem, as well as the need for long-term government support.Changes in the daily routine particularly harm children and adolescents and this, in turn, becomes a problem in the future, the opening of cities and the uncontrolled reestablishment of some daily activities led to peaks in new cases, which generated waves of expectations and frustration.There is an urgency for the psychological monitoring of children and adolescents in quarantine, especially for those who suffer from domestic abuse, which grows in the same proportion as unemployment, financial bankruptcy and social inequalities coupled with those who lost their relatives or had to separate from them for security reasonsLong-term research is needed on the effects of stressors and how this affects the development of children and adolescents

de Figueiredo CS, Sandre PC, Portugal LCL, et al. Impacto de la pandemia de COVID-19 en la salud mental de niños y adolescentes: factores biológicos, ambientales y sociales. Progreso en Neuro-Psicofarmacología y Psiquiatría Biológica 2021; 106: 110171.

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