Epidemiological statistics of adolescent suicide during confinement due to the COVID 19 pandemic in Ecuador

September 20, 2022

Andrés Joaquín Guarnizo Chávez, Nathaly Alejandra Romero Heredia

Revista de la Facultad De Medicina Humana

An observational, descriptive, cross-sectional study analyzed information from the database of violent deaths of the Ministry of Government, during the confinement in 2020 in Ecuador from March 17 to September 13, 97 suicides were recorded in adolescents from 10 to 19 years of age. The highest number was estimated in males aged 15 to 19 years, with the most frequent age being 19, of which the majority, that is, 59, correspond to the male sex, distributed in 19 cases for adolescents aged 10 to 14 years, and 40 cases for adolescents between 15 and 19 years old. While, in the female sex with a total of 39 suicides, 11 correspond to the age range of 10 to 14 years, and 27 to 15 to 19 years. There was a slight total decrease in deaths due to suicidal etiology in adolescents if we compare it with the same period of days in 2019, during both periods the trend of being mostly male victims between 15 and 19 years old with an increase in the frequency as age increases, the preferred method was hanging and the most frequent day during confinement was Monday.

Andrés Joaquín Guarnizo Chávez, Nathaly Alejandra Romero Heredia. Estadística epidemiológica del suicidio adolescente durante confinamiento por pandemia de Covid-19 en Ecuador Rev. Fac. Med. Hum. Octubre 2021;21(4):819-825