People with Intellectual Disabilities Facing COVID-19: A Systematic Review

March 21, 2022

Solís, G. P.

Rev. En claves del pensamiento

In December 2019, the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread rapidly and globally, becoming a global public health problem. The vulnerabilities of certain groups of people such as the elderly, pregnant women and the homeless have been highlighted over the course of the pandemic.The current model of understanding intellectual disability refers to it as a state of functioning that will vary significantly depending on the supports that the person receives. The current pandemic has placed this group in a particularly vulnerable situation, limiting their support and having a negative impact on their quality of life. Research seems to have ignored the perspectives of these people, so the general objective of this review is to analyze the publications that address the impact of the pandemic situation on people with intellectual disabilities.There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had important repercussions on the physical health of people with disabilities, since this group experiences a higher prevalence of comorbidities associated with worse outcomes if they are infected with the virus (severity of the disease and mortality). .

Solís, G. P. People with Intellectual Disabilities Facing COVID-19: A Systematic Review.2022, En-clav. pen vol.16 no.31