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Access Covid

This platform was created to disseminate the latest scientific information on COVID-19 in an organized and simple format for a wide audience.

The project is built on a bi-national collaboration between UNAM and UCSF, with the support of the UCMX Alliance.

Our Story

In March 2020, the beginning of the pandemic, a team of students from the UCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences began producing weekly summaries of the most up-to-date scientific articles on COVID-19. Today, these summaries are produced in English and Spanish and are shared with a wide network of colleagues and collaborators. Currently, our team also involves a group of students from the UNAM School of Medicine in collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Informatics, as well as students and faculty at the UCLA Department of Bioengineering, allowing us to increase the volume and diversify the content of the information we provide to our users and subscribers.


COVID-19 is a global pandemic affecting countries of every culture and language. However, the majority of scientific literature is produced in English or other languages primarily spoken in high-income countries, impeding timely and equitable access to research updates. We envision a world where such an information gap does not exist, and more countries and communities can benefit from valuable real-time information that is being produced globally.


Access to the newest evidence in public health and clinical management of COVID-19 is essential to mitigating the pandemic. We aim to facilitate access to up-to-date research through a bilingual online platform, updated in near real-time, for physicians, public health officials, researchers, and other health sector employees in English- and Spanish-speaking regions.

We would like to acknowledge all those
who have been a part of this effort.

Project CoordinationDania Nimbe Lima Sánchez MD MsC PhD, Lucía Abascal MD MS

Editorial Team
Jane Fieldhouse MS, Guntas Padda MS, Sigal Maya MS, Alexandra Keir MS, Maeve Forster MS, Lucía Abascal MD MS, Saba Rahman MS

Newsletter TeamLucía Abascal MD MS, Allison Foreman, Alexandra Keir MS, Anika Kalra MS

Reviewers and TranslatorsAlyssa Bercasio MS, Anika Kalra MS, Aya Thabet MS, Brooke VanSickle MS, Caihla Petiprin MS, Canice Christian MS, Carina Ashkar MS, Daniel Alejandro González Álvarez, Deandra Lee, Diana Etwaru, Disha Nangia, Elliot Vallejo Vargas, Élodie Vajda MPH, Estefanía Guzmán Montijo, Francois Rerolle MS, Graham Hinchcliffe, Grecia Alejandra García León, Hanna Daniela Hernández Medina, Hannah Thomas MS, Ilia Vasilopoulos, James Feng MS, Lina Salam, Lucía Alejandra Carrillo Calvo, María Fernanda García Aguilar, Mariam Carson, Mariana Velleca MS, Masih Babagoli, Maya Ganeshan, Micaela Reyna MS, Montserrat Creuheras, Sarah Gallalee MS, Saraí Betsabé Jiménez Robles, Shivali Joshi MS, Sigal Maya MS, Sunny Lin MS, Sunya Akhter MS

Incubadora Facultad de Medicina
Orlando Cerón Solís

Administrative Support
Lic. Aldair Navarro Escalera

UNAM Department of Biomedical Informatics
Dra. E. Mahuina Campos Castolo


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