Suicide risk in health care students during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Cross-sectional study

October 25, 2021

Itzel Betzabeth Sanabria Landeros, David Luna, Carmen Sánchez Sánchez, et. al


Due to the health contingency by COVID19, university students are increasing their levels of anxiety and depression and with it the risk of suicide. In a cross-sectional study, 394 students from the health area (nursing, medicine, psychology, dentistry, physiotherapy and occupational therapy) participated with a mean age of 21 years, 196 Mexicans (FES Zaragoza UNAM) and 196 Spaniards (University of Salamanca) who they were evaluated with the Plutchik suicide risk scale, the depression, anxiety and stress scale and the Beck despair index. From moderate to extremely severe level, 66.1% of the participants reported anxiety, 54% stress and 49.7% depression. Only a low percentage of participants presented hopelessness. Anxiety, depression and despair were associated with suicidal risk and 67.6% were identified as having medium to high suicidal risk.

Itzel B. Sanabria Landeros, David Luna, Carmen Sánchez Sánchez, et. al. Riesgo suicida en estudiantes del área de la salud en periodo de pandemia por COVID-19. Estudio transversal. Revista CONAMED Vol. 26 Núm. 4, 2021 • pp 182-191